“The slides were very helpful for condensing the material needed. The emails you sent a few days before the test clarified questions that were asked on the test.”

—Donna Bodner, Level 1

Training & Education: Class Formats

A Format to Suit Your Schedule

Our classes are designed to help you understand, retain and actually use what you learn back on the job. We tailor the content and delivery for managers and executives, compensation and finance staff, service providers and vendors, and people seeking CEP certification. No matter which class format you chose, you will be engaged, challenged and rewarded with new skills and knowledge.

Live Webinar – Trained instructors lead these live, interactive sessions. You may participate from your office or home, simply by logging onto an FRS Website and dialing into a conference call. Throughout the class, you may ask questions and make comments by phone or in a chat room. The teacher poses questions and uses a polling feature to engage all students. Live Webinars are offered at pre-scheduled times.

Audio Webinar – These recorded audiovisual presentations are available on the FRS Website whenever and wherever it is convenient for you to log on and learn. These one-way broadcasts let you move through the material at your own pace.

Online Class – This self-directed study format puts you in charge. You log on to the Continental FRS Plan Administration Website to download coursework.

Seminar – Our live classes add a new spin to the traditional classroom by incorporating hands-on problem-solving, worksheets and games, along with lecture and discussion. Seminar participants also receive one-on-one assistance and coaching before and after the session.

Boot Camp – These intensive multi-day seminars are packed with classroom instruction, discussion, games and one-on-one coaching. Assessments at the end of each day chart your progress, exams are given at the end of each day and coaching before and after Boot Camp. Every day is different to provide the best learning environment. We offer CEP Boot Camps twice a year. These intensive equity education programs can be customized to meet the needs of any group of students. Location is determined on a class-by-class basis.