“I gained valuable insight into the exam from the Boot Camp. The webinars were just the right length.”

—Marc Levin, Level 2

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SPA 604Custom Training and Support On-Site or Webinar -- Equity Edge 8.xx and EEO, EASi, CapMx

This two-hour live webinar covers: Set-up and Maintenance: Company Information; User Accounts, Security set-up, Lookup Tables, Tax Item List; Securities and Plans: Company Securities, Fair Market Values, Stock Option Plans, Vesting Schedules; Participants; Transactions: Option/SAR Grants, Option Exercises, RS Awards, Taxation; Reporting Basics: List of reports, Running reports, Activity reports, Admin reports; ASC 718 (FAS123R): ASC 718 (FAS123R) Setup, Fiscal Period Setup, Expected Life, Volatility Rate, Forfeiture Percentage, Tax Entity Setup; Financial Reports: Accounting ASC 718 (FAS123R) and Tax (APIC), Accounting Quarterly/Annual, Financial Quarterly/Annual, Financial Proxy

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