Consulting Solutions: Overview

Consulting Expertise You Can Rely On

Managing even the simplest stock option and equity compensation plan is a complex undertaking, and the stakes are increasingly high when plan management goes wrong. You can rely on Continental FRS Plan Administration for a complete array of consulting services, tailored to your needs, delivered by skilled consultants. We help you design and maintain plans efficiently, cost-effectively and accurately, following all SEC, IRS, and FASB regulations. Continental FRS Plan Administration can help you maximize the benefit and minimize the compliance risk.

Our clients include public and private companies of all sizes, in many industries and in different parts of the country. We stay up to date with technology and with changes in SEC, accounting and tax regulations, and share that expertise with you, anticipating your needs at every step.

Expertise Delivered with Personal Care

Our highly skilled, knowledgeable consultants:

Full-Service Consulting and Special Projects

Our consultants deliver personal, expert services in: